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SurroundApps builds games that span different aspects of the gaming experience. We have mobile android and iOS games as well as Adobe Flash-based web games. Our gaming portfolio is geared towards both the young and older audiences. SurroundApps games were designed to surround you with fun, music, warmth, fun and enjoyment. We not only built the following games in our own portfolio, we have also built games for our clients in the US.

Our Games portfolio includes the following:

Music Games

iDoogdoogi - iDoogDoogi is a mobile musical app for iOS devices, where people shake their device to create different realistic percussion sounds from a traditional monkey-drum-type device. They can also compete to see how quickly they can create doogdoogi beats.

Baby Rattle Jhoonjhooni - Jhoonjhooni means rattle in Bengali. Baby Rattle Jhoonjhooni is an Educational App for babies and young children. Through an easy user-friendly touch interface, your baby will learn basics such as letters and numbers while simply tapping the phone.

iXMasBell - iXMasBell is a premium musical app for iOS devices, where people can ring their bells by shaking their devices to get realistic bell christmas-bell sounds. They can also play a game to see how quickly they can ring their bells. see more..

Puzzle Games

PuzzleBatttles : Puzzle Battles is an iPad-based jigsaw puzzle gaming app where you put pieces together to form a complete picture, all the while listening to music of your own choosing.

XmasPuzzleBattles : This Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle app helps you get into the Christmas mood, by solving puzzles by yourself, or against a friend sitting across from you or against someone across the internet, all while listening to Christmas music, or any other music of your choosing. see more..

PenFight : Unlike street fights, a pen-fight is literally fought between pens. To begin with, the pens are laid out on a table or a bench. The objective of the game is to knock the opponent's pens out of this arena.Similarly in the *PenFight 3D* mobile gaming app, your objective is to knock the others pens off the table. Last pen standing wins the round. Be quick, apply the right strategy, and the victory will be yours!

iLudo : (Coming soon)

Please contact us if you would like to receive more details on our Games or if you would like to engage us for any Game development opportunity.