Features of Pen Fight

Pen Fight 3D game has two modes: Human vs Computer and Human vs Human.

Tap on ‘Human vs Computer’ to play against the computer. Here there are ten levels. In every level the computer has a stronger pen than the previous level. You will have to win against your opponent to go to the next level. Once you win all ten levels you will be a pen fight master. You will get some gold coins after winning each level. Also, some bonus coins will be given to you for winning the game within a fixed time limit. You can buy stronger pens using these gold coins for your next game.


Tap on ‘Human vs Human’, to play against your friends. Here maximum four players can play together. If you want to play with two or three players then tap on only two or three players. All players start out with the same type of pens. They can choose their pens as they wish.
Tap on ‘Play’ to start the game. The game ends when there is only one pen left on the table. The last pen standing on the table wins the round.
Tap on ‘Help’ icon in the game-play screen for more help.

Tap on ‘Setting’ icon in the game-play screen for sound and music.


  • Category : Game
  • Version : 1.0
  • Size : 20 MB
  • Language : English
  • Seller : Surroundapps Inc.
  • Surroundapps Inc.

Requirements for Pen Fight

  • Android supported device / tablet
  • Android mobile phone; minimum API level : 2.0.1

Price of Pen Fight:

You can download Pen Fight 3D absolutely free! Human vs Human mode, all pens are free for you. But Human vs Computer mode, two pens are free for you. You will have to acquire other pens by winning each level.

Besides you can also buy 6000 gold coins in 0.99, similarly 15000 gold coins in $1.99 and 50,000 gold coins in $2.99. Using these gold coins you can buy stronger pens for next levels.

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What is Pen Fight?

Unlike street fights, a pen fight is literally fought between pens. To begin with, the pens are laid out on a table or a bench.


The objective of the game is to knock the opponent's pens out of this arena. Similarly in the *Pen Fight 3D* mobile gaming app, your objective is to knock the others pens off the table.

Last pen standing wins the round. Be quick, apply the right strategy, and the victory will be yours!