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IT Solution Acceleration

SurroundApps is a trusted partner of software and IT development and QA organizations helping ensure high quality dependable software. With diverse technology practices, we can bring to bear our experience and expertise to solve your challenges in enterprise software such as Oracle, MSSQL or Open Source DB-based applications, Business Intelligence Apps, Python or Shell-script-based platform software, DotNet or PHP-framework-based Web Sites, XML/Web2.0-based distributed apps, or custom mobile or VoIP solutions. Our project managers and architects will work closely with the IT business owners to analyze requirements and then based on project scope, delivery timeline and budget, we will engage onsite, offsite or offshore resources as desired by the customer.

Mobile, Cloud and Facebook Apps

SurroundApps has multiple consumer apps in the Apple App Store and Android App Store. This includes Business Productivity Apps for dedicated customers as well as Consumer apps such as Games. We can bring to bear our Apps development experience to build complex apps spanning cloud-based management consoles and distributed mobile front-ends. Our sweet spot is not one-off standalone apps, but apps that require deep architectures, high performance and synchronized execution.

Creative Design for Web, Mobile and Thick Client Apps

SurroundApps has a powerful creative design practice that we leverage for all our other development activities. For high-end aesthetics we engage on-shore resources. For clean interfaces with intuitive interaction flows on a budget, we can also leverage our offshore design experts. Our capabilities include state-of-the-art web site design mixing high functionality and high art, easy navigation and excellent user experience. Our UI design experience also covers complex enterprise reports, or complex forms in Enterprise Applications.

SurroundApps is a Software Technology provider. We believe in harnessing the power of appropriate technological tools to meet customer needs - be it for enterprise customers for their IT solutions or for a mass consumer for their social or mobile app. We are devoted to ensure that the customer and user requirements are met with high quality.

Customer collaboration :

This means that listening to the customer and really understanding the business requirements and use-cases is the first step of our development process. Collaboration with the customer is key to ensure that during the development process we stay aligned with customer expectations. And we believe in iterative development with early prototypes and feedback from project owners to reduce project risk. This is the same way we develop our products for the mass market. Before embarking on our own product projects or a customer projects to build such apps, we would spend a lot of time understanding the end-users' requirements.

Technology :

We bring to the table the flexibility of multiple technological solutions - be it Java, .NET, python or some other scripting language. Our technological team has experience in wide varieties of development platforms and we like to choose the appropriate tool from our tool-belt to build the right solution.

For our end-user-focused products, we adopt a similar approach, with end-user use-case analysis and surveys replacing customer interaction. We partner with subject matter experts in an area to bring in domain-specific knowledge, which is key to the success of any project.

Quality :
We are focused on high quality and we bring our Software QA automation expertise to improve the quality of any of our deliverables. We would also engage with customers early for early acceptance testing and with end-users to get their feedback.

Expenses :
We provide the customer a choice of offshore delivery to manage their expenses. Certain projects which require quick turnaround and use bleeding edge technology require more on-shore resources, but for other projects, we can help customers achieve more within their budget by engaging our offshore development team.