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Various types of sounds can be generated by selecting sound from the sound menu.
Target device : It is initially designed for iPhone only. In future we will develop this for iPad tablet form factor.
DoogDoogi Skins and Background : There are three DoogDoogi skins in the settings menu. Backgrounds are also changeable.
Shake Easy : Shake the device in any simple way will generate sound.
Shake Hard : This is a little harder than easy mode. User should shake the device in a good rhythm to generate sound properly.
Free Style : Just shake and generate sound.
Maxbeats Game : This is a game mode where user generates maximum beats within a limited time.


  • Category : Music, Entertainment, Game
  • Version : 1.0
  • Size : 24.6 MB
  • Language : English
  • Seller : Surroundapps Inc.
  • Surroundapps Inc.


  • iPhone, iPod touch
  • iPhone4S,requires iOS 4.3 or later

What is a DoogDoogi?

iDoogDoogi is a mobile musical app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. To play the instrument, the user has to simply shake this device and the app will create a percussion sound.
iDoogDoogi is the first electronic instrument that actually sounds like the real thing, and is ideal for Bangladeshi traditional functions.
picture In Bangladesh Bedeys (gypsies), Snake charmers, and jugglers still use the doogdoogi for performances with snakes, monkeys and bears. The beautiful loud noise of doogdoogi creates an entertaining atmosphere. With iDoogDoogi now everyone can experience these traditional fun sounds.
To add to the fun a simple ‘MaxBeats’ game is included, where the user has to try to create the maximum number of beats in a predefined time period.
So users can not only try the different types of selectable percussion sounds or backgrounds, but also play back the beats as fast as they can.